Sunday, March 1, 2009

Batteries Recharged

Hey guys...I know it's been EXTREMELY long since my last post, but I feel like getting right back into the thick of things at this point in time.

My leave of absence can't really be explained other than the fact that I simply lost the fire a little bit.

Since my last post, I've concluded my internship at the TEAM 990 (currently waiting to meet with the boss to discuss my future), I've consoled someone close to me on the loss of someone close to them, and, most recently, I've severly injured my knee in a non-competitve hockey a matter of fact, it happened yesterday, and with the pain being absolutely unbearable at times, I'll be heading out for X-rays at 8 a.m.

Worst, pain, ever - to quote Comic Book Guy.

Not the happiest of times lately, as you can see, but the latter event has sparked something inside of me that I hope will continue as the rest of the NHL's regular season unfolds. I will honestly try my best to dig up the latest news concerning the Habs and the rest of the NHL as Wednesday's 3 p.m. trade deadline approaches.

Montreal, as you all know, are back to the team we all expected them to be since the forced resting of Alex Kovalev.

The additions of Glen Metropolit via waivers and, more importantly thus far, Mathieu Schneider via trade, have proved to be pivotal moves. 'Metro' has only played 2 games thus far (both wins), but his right handed skillset is a welcome addition, though not the missing puzzle piece, of course.

The Habs also parted ways with C Steve Begin, a loyal shot-blocker who always sacrificed his body for the good of the team. Begin will now help Dallas in their quest for a playoff berth...he'll be wearing jersey number 44.

Montreal faced one of the toughest weeks of their entire schedule this week, and came away with a perfect 6 out of 6 possible points, shutting out the Canucks at home, using OT to down the Flyers in Philly, and, tonight, despite being outshot 48-21, defeating the San Jose Sharks on the strength of 3 first period goals.

Montreal embarks on a 3-game road trip beginning on deadline day itself in Buffalo, before heading out to Atlanta Friday and finishing the trip in Dallas vs. former teammate Steve Begin on Sunday. That's right, no Saturday game.


x-ine said...

Welcome back!
Sorry to hear about all that not so good stuff and hope some good stuff is coming your way soon.

Looking forward to reading your posts again...


Sal_Amato said...

Thank you, oh-loyalist of readers! Just got back from a LONG day at the X-ray bone damage! yay! but, long days ahead of icing and resting...basically, no playing cruel. Ah well, it has to be done!