Thursday, April 23, 2009

Venting...SERIOUS Venting...

*Contains vulgar language, otherwise uncommon on this site. This is a post strictly written as a fan, in no professional manner what so ever.

Ok here's the off-the-charts vent...not as professional as the other posts you've seen here in the past, but fuck that.

-Idiots. Not all of you in attendance, but most of you. What a disrespectuful act you put on display for the world to see last night. Booing the very team you cheer for, the very team that brought you so much joy JUST ONE YEAR AGO! You might say "yeah, well that's why we're booing - they went from hero to zero"...sure, I'm UPSET with that too, but BOOING your 21 year old goaltender, who's proven that he can WIN and DOMINATE at every level he's played at in his young career? Do you expect him to automatically be able to pull a miracle like Patrick Roy did, or a guy like Cam Ward did much more recently? Not everyone can do that, you crazy bastards.

You think Carey is going to put his A-game on display for you ever again? Yes, he will. Not for YOU, but because he's a professional, and he knows he has a lot to learn.

You ruined it for the rest of us, you inconsiderate motherfuckers.


I'm not the fan of Gainey that I was a few years ago, due to the lack of trading and overall style of patience that I despise so much...but it wasn't long ago that most of you, LIKE ME, thought he was a brilliant man. The guy tried doing what was best for our team when he fired Carbo, a vulnerable team that he KNOWS isn't anywhere near challenging for the Stanley Cup. I didn't agree with the firing, but things happen, and whether I agree or not, he's got the toughest job in the sport, so I have to respect his decision for what it is. Therefore, chants of CARBO! CARBO! last night and throughout the remainder of the regular season were nothing short of fucking disrespectful and classless. The man has given the city his heart and soul, as a player and as a human being. It's alright to have an opinion about his decisions, negative or postive, but to humiliate him that way is just uncalled for.

Try this excersise: Pretend to be a fan of another team, preferably in the United States. Now, pretend you watched all four playoff games between Montreal and Boston, and saw or heard all the different things that would appaul you to see and hear happening to your own team. Now, imagine what feelings you have for the MONTREAL FANS IN GENERAL! I can guess your answer: They're FUCKED UP.

You ruined it for the rest of us, you inconsiderate motherfuckers.


I hate to say it, but I used to defend us as fans when opposing fans said we were classless. Sure, we do ceremonies right, and we have tons of history...but that doesn't give us the right to constantly compare our current team to those of yesteryear! These men are their own men, not the "next incarnations" of Richard or Beliveau or Dryden. We ARE classless! We still BOO the AMERICAN ANTHEM! ARE YOU ALL FUCKING STUPID? REALLY???? I actually SING ALONG to it when I'm at the game, both because it's a great anthem and because it represents a good piece of our current core players, and a bigger piece of our future.

Guys we drafted high and were projected to make a serious impact for our team or maybe even be captains or assistants have to stand there and listen to a bunch of people boo their NATIONAL ANTHEM. Do you seriously think that pending UFA's Higgins and Komisarek want to stay? Bye bye first round's time to rebuild again! Or wait a minute....will we be booing Pacioretty soon? Or McDonaugh? Or Fischer? Or Kristo? At this rate, I see all of those guys pulling an 'Eric Lindros' and demanding to be traded before they even play a game in front of these "fans". We have to re-build for 2020, not 2010.

You ruined it for the rest of us, you inconsiderate motherfuckers.


Now imagine the rest of the UFA class that will become available on July 1st. Give me one good reason why they should re-sign with this team...I dare you to not use "the history" as one of your arguments.

These men see what it is to play in a jungle...and they don't like it! WHO WOULD?

Do you blame Briere now? His car would probably be on fire by now if we had him and he didn't contribute to winning a playoff game...ACTUALLY, if he were here LAST YEAR, his car would probably be on fire too, for WINNING a series! What a joke...

What else can I say? Oh, I know. How's this?

You ruined it for the rest of us, you inconsiderate motherfuckers.


Golfing season is underway...and, as July 1st approaches, moving season nears - and I expect a lot of current Habs to be packing their bags and changing address on that date.

Who will be back to play for this team who gets booed mercilessly when they drop a few games, like humans?

And who the HELL would even ponder the idea of coming in as a free agent???????

The Habs better start drafting better (i.e. not passing up on guys like Getzlaf or Parise or Richards for AK46 in 2003, or selecting Ben Maxwell one spot ahead of Milan Lucic in 2006), or learning how to make TRADES ON DEADLINE DAY, because no one in their right mind and in their prime will even consider Montreal as a free-agent destination anymore...especially after the booing of their own team (particularly Price) and embarassment of their current coach (by chanting CARBO! CARBO! CARBO!) throughout the fourth and final installment of Boston/Montreal:Postseason 2009.

Keith Jones, I have to agree with you my man...

Too disgusted to continue for now, check back in a day or two.

Go Sharks Go.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Habs Hold 24-7 Lifetime Playoff Record vs. Bruins

Oh how misleading ^ that is to someone just getting involved in hockey...

Montreal's dominance of Boston in the playoffs over the years is nothing short of spectacular, but this year's edition of the post-season dance with the big B's will be no walk in any sort of park.

Montreal is fresh off an 0-3-1 end to the regular season, whereas the Bruins are entering having SLIGHTLY missed out on the Presidents' Trophy as the league's top regular season team (that honour going to the San Jose Sharks).

The Bruins have dominated the Habs this season; a more-than-welcome change to the 8-0-0 record the Habs held over the Bruins in last year's season's series - at least for a Bruins fan.

Boston dropped the first game this season 4-3 in a shootout, but went on to win the other 5 in a row, defeating Montreal in the first of their five wins 6-1.

Montreal meets Boston for the fourth time since Y2K gave us all nightmares of planes dropping like bird droppings, having defeated them in 2002, 2004 and, of course, 2008.

The 2002 edition is an interesting one to refer to in this circumstance. That year, Jose Theodore backstopped the Habs to a first-round upset of the first-seeded Bruins led by Jumbo Joe Thornton and Bill Guerin... a scenario identical in seeding to this year's edition. The Habs coaching brass will surely refer to 2002 in prep talks. Theo, by the way, went on to capture both the Vezina and Hart Trophies that year...I bet he never repeats that feat (I'm way out on a limb on that one...)

A daunting task awaits...but what must be remembered is this:

It has been done, so it can be done again.

Go Habs Go!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

With 3 Games Remaining...

The Habs have 3 DIFFICULT games remaining on their regular season, and it may go down to the wire to determine who makes it to the big dance.

Montreal have 92 points and sit in 7th, 3 ahead of a Rangers team looking to take advantage of a depleted Montreal blueline tonight in what is essentially a 4-point game at MSG.

Then, Montreal heads to Boston for a tough duel with a potential 1st-round opponent in the Bruins.

Should all hell break loose and the Habs need one more game to decide their fates, they will return home (at least) to face a loaded Penguins team, also battling to secure a playoff spot.

I alluded to the Rangers facing a depleted Habs blueline earlier...let me get into detail on that.

First of all, Mikhail Grabovski is an asshole.

Here's a guy who has effectively replaced Darcy Tucker as the city of Montreal's public enemy #1. The guy had harsh words for the team when he was traded away, got into a few altercations with Sergei Kostitsyn, and now, worst of all, hit Andrei Markov from behind and left the vulnerable Markov on the ice after driving his face into the boards/glass. Markov, our leading scorer, will miss 3 weeks.

Apart from that, Mathieu Schneider suffered an injury in the same game vs. Toronto that will force him to miss the ENTIRE season...playoffs included! Just when the powerplay seemed to be injected with life again, our two quarterbacks are out, likely through the first round of the playoffs (if we make it there).

Thanks, Toronto. Sure, we injured your Van Ryn in a game early in the season, but he's no Schneider or Markov! We had also injured your McCabe many moons ago, but quite frankly, we did you a favor.

The game vs the Rangers tonight will be epic. A win, and Montreal will secure 94 points, 42 wins, and a berth in the playoffs! The final spot would be left for NY and Florida to battle for, which is why tonight's game is equally important to NY as it is to the Habs. I recommend not missing the action tonight!