Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Habs Hold 24-7 Lifetime Playoff Record vs. Bruins

Oh how misleading ^ that is to someone just getting involved in hockey...

Montreal's dominance of Boston in the playoffs over the years is nothing short of spectacular, but this year's edition of the post-season dance with the big B's will be no walk in any sort of park.

Montreal is fresh off an 0-3-1 end to the regular season, whereas the Bruins are entering having SLIGHTLY missed out on the Presidents' Trophy as the league's top regular season team (that honour going to the San Jose Sharks).

The Bruins have dominated the Habs this season; a more-than-welcome change to the 8-0-0 record the Habs held over the Bruins in last year's season's series - at least for a Bruins fan.

Boston dropped the first game this season 4-3 in a shootout, but went on to win the other 5 in a row, defeating Montreal in the first of their five wins 6-1.

Montreal meets Boston for the fourth time since Y2K gave us all nightmares of planes dropping like bird droppings, having defeated them in 2002, 2004 and, of course, 2008.

The 2002 edition is an interesting one to refer to in this circumstance. That year, Jose Theodore backstopped the Habs to a first-round upset of the first-seeded Bruins led by Jumbo Joe Thornton and Bill Guerin... a scenario identical in seeding to this year's edition. The Habs coaching brass will surely refer to 2002 in prep talks. Theo, by the way, went on to capture both the Vezina and Hart Trophies that year...I bet he never repeats that feat (I'm way out on a limb on that one...)

A daunting task awaits...but what must be remembered is this:

It has been done, so it can be done again.

Go Habs Go!


x-ine said...

Habs are gonna win in 7. I can feel it.

Sal_Amato said...

Hope to God you're right.