Thursday, January 24, 2008

Polar Opposite Rival For Habs Tonight

Montreal continued its domination of the Bruins a couple of nights ago, as expected. But will the Devils continue their domination of the Habs at the Prudential Center, as expected?

As the Habs earned their 9th straight win over Boston on Thursday, the Devils are looking for their 10th straight against Montreal. This is clearly a North/South situation for the Habs with regards to their opponents this week.

Here's where it gets particularly ugly.

The Habs' statistics for games played in New Jersey are down right humiliating. When playing host to Montreal, Jersey has gone 21-1-4 over their last 26 games! The Habs' most recent win in New Jersey dates back to February 5th, 2002, when Jose Theodore was able to shutout the Devils in, (you probably guessed it), a 1-0 win. If you think that's long enough ago, then you probably wouldn't want to know the date of the last Habs victory in N.J. prior to that one, but I'm going to tell you anyway, because here at Habs Hockey-Talkey, we do humiliation right!

Patrick Roy was able to shutout N.J. as well in a victory earned WAY BACK on October 26th, 1993!!!

If that isn't alarming enough, or isn't enough of an indication of DOMINANCE of one team over another, then I don't know what is. Boston should feel pretty damn good in comparison to that dreadful record.

Cristobal Huet has never earned a single point against New Jersey, going 0-6-0 career against the Devils with a 3.29 GAA.

And to SOMEHOW make matters even WORSE than what they already are for Montreal? The Devils were on the winning end of a 7-3 drubbing of the Philadelphia Flyers Tuesday night in Philadelphia, another team they have been dominating this season. The surprise there (in case you don't know) is that New Jersey is not an offensive team, in fact, they're far from it. They have been relying on living legend Martin Brodeur to backstop the defensive minded to team to win after win, year after year, and it has more than paid off, with Jersey claiming a couple Stanley Cups over the years.

No word on any lineup updates yet, as I am writing in the wee hours of the morning now. I will update tomorrow should any changes be made to Tuesday's lineup, of which I doubt heavily.

Puck drop: 7:08

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