Monday, January 14, 2008

Veterans Closing In On Return?

Reports throughout the internet suggest that forwards Peter Forsberg and Teemu Selanne are nearing a return to the NHL, with Selanne rumoured to be 1 or 2 weeks away.

Teemu would only be willing to return to the league as a Duck. He has been skating all season long in an effort to keep himself fit and ready to endure the rigors of the remainder of the 2007-08 season. The Ducks reportedly have a plan in place to accomodate the return of their beloved Finnish Flash, but details of those plans remain unknown at these times.

As for Forsberg, it seems that his return can be anticipated sometime around the trade deadline, either in late February or early March. The Flyers (the team closest to the salary cap in the NHL at this time with less than $250, 000 in spending room available) are also rumoured to have plans in place should 'Foppa' choose to head back to the city of brotherly love, and they apparently have a contract all drawn up already. It is also rumoured that the Canucks and Flames would make a big push to land Foppa, as well as "mini-Sweden" Detroit, Ottawa and Colorado. Frankly, depending on what Peter expects as a salary, I would expect all teams to make a pitch for Forsberg, pending proof of a return to health from the oft-injured superstar.


k_cardi said...

these are big names...but I'd be pretty pissed off at Selanne if i was in Anaheim...i mean...thanks for the cup...but suddenly the beginning of the season doesn't count?...i know he has no obligation to the team, but he apparently has no pride either...who can blame him...hes a DUCK!

sasabainga said...

I can see what you mean, but I believe that being pissed off would be a little harsh, as he was an extremely pivotal player for the Ducks and their cup run. Plus, would the situation have been reversed and Teemu was playing here (in Montreal) before taking off a half a season, I'm pretty sure we'd all welcome back a player of his calibre with open arms. He can be a significant difference maker in Anaheim if he is carrying on last year's form.

Since we're on the Ducks subject: Reports have it that Mathieu Schneider may be available, and teams are taking interest in him and his 5.75$ million salary. Notably, the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes are interested, and rumours have it that Boston may be willing to part with Phil Kessel (not sure if he would be moved for a rapidly aging veteran like Schneider though).

hacksaw jim duggan said...

I agree a little with what cardi said about selanne. For sure he was a huge part of winning the cup last year but you can also say his absence is a huge part of the ducks season so far which is not horrible but not as strong as expected. Neidermayer has basically won everything except some individual awards that really he probably couldn't care less about so he has at least an acceptable reason to take time off and consider retiring. I don't think selanne should have that luxury but like sal said, anaheim will be happy to have him back, better late than never.

sasabainga said...

Thanks, and may I add, I feel privileged to have such a living legend like HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN, the 2 by 4 clutching All-American himself, commenting on a MONTREAL CANADIENS website. It brings tears to my eyes, really.