Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On The Playoff Bubble...

Are Ovechkin, Huet and their Capitals team destined for the playoffs? You tell us!

With an average of 7 games left to be played by every team in the NHL, we here at Habs Hockey-Talkey would like you to voice your predictions as to whom you believe will qualify as the 7th and 8th Conference seeds, and who will miss the cut at #9 and #10.

To help you in doing so, here's a list of the #5-#12 seeds as they stand right now:


5. Ottawa-91
6. NY Rangers-89
7. Philadelphia-88
8. Boston-86

9. Washington-84
10. Buffalo-81
11. Florida-81
12. Toronto-80


5. Dallas-89
6. Minnesota-89
7. Vancouver-86
8. Colorado-86

9. Nashville-84
10. Edmonton-83
11. Chicago-80
12. Phoenix -80

I believe that in the East, the Capitals will not be denied a playoff spot, but I can't really see them catching Philly, so I will guess that Philly will grab the #7 spot, Washington will settle at #8, Boston will fall to #9, and Florida will nail down #10.

Out West, I can't envision any of the teams on the bubble sneaking in for a playoff spot, but I do believe that Colorado and Vancouver will switch positions; therefore, Colorado at #7, Vancouver at #8, Edmonton will grab #9, and Nashville will round out at #10.

Leave a comment on your predicitions, and also, comment on who you would like the playoff-bound Montreal Canadiens to face in the opening round of the playoffs...would you like a date with not-so-big, bad Bruins? How about a date with an old flame as in Cristobal Huet, Alexander Ovechkin and co.? Let us know!


Anonymous said...

I say WAS vs MTL...and its going to be very hard with huet surely wanting to prove montreal they made a mistake by trading him, oh ya and also because they have a forward called alex ovechkin....out west, i dont think n e thing will change


kev said...

colorado 7
edmonton 8
vancouver 9

no change in east

montreal plays boston and owns them

sasabainga said...

you're calling for your Canucks to miss the big dance?

kev said...

hopefully they dance but after tonight's loss it don't look so good

Paolo said...

I say nashville is taking part in the big dance. With luongo's wife giving birth soon, he's gonna leave and miss another game and Vncouver will be slipping to 9th. As for my Caps... i can only pray to go they will be dancing come April 9th-10th, but i think Alex and the gang can make it happen.

sasabainga said...

I really hope so too...he's had too much of a sick year to miss out on all that "Dancing With The Stars".

k_cardi said...

washington will take boston's 8th seed...from here on in washington's schedule is much more favourable than boston's...

the habs first rounder's will be washington, boston or philly...we'll take any of them...i would like to see philly...just booooo Briere all series long

in the west...looks like my oilers wont make it...however they will make an interesting run...i think Vancouver does it...its wishful thinking, but i have a lot of faith in Luongo...

hate to say it, but the Canucks don't deserve to be anywhere near playoff contention...Luongo keeps them in night after night, i hope they can get things rolling