Monday, March 17, 2008

Report: Sundin Nixed Trade To Habs

The Team 990 Sportscentre update by Ron Francis (not the NHL Ron Francis) reported that Cliff Fletcher had agreed to a trade on deadline day (Feb. 26th) that would've sent superstar veteran centerman Mats Sundin to Montreal in exchange for Christopher Higgins and 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks in the upcoming draft. The report comes from the Toronto Sun.

Tomas Kaberle was also reportedly dealt but declined to be moved (thanks to the No - Trade Clause like Sundin). His deal was to Philadelphia for Jeff Carter and a 1st round pick.


Anonymous said...

I think its better off for us, i wouldn't want to give away higgins for Sundin which would most probably be just a rental. Maybe if he was going to sign a contract then it might of been good for us.

k_cardi said...

IM GLAD THIS DIDNT HAPPEN....i hate this guy with a passion, i hope he burns in hockey hell...well i mean he is...Toronto...anyhow, this guy would have really shook team chemistry, as we know Sundin and Koivu do not get along...I guess we should be thanking Mats, and this proves that Gainey was seriously looking for an impact player...look to see that impact player get picked up in the summer...whoever it may be

sasabainga said...

yup, and I really believe that Grabovski will be a name traded away to get that impact player, should one not be available on the UFA market (the only real talented name that comes to mind right now is still Marian Hossa)