Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Leafs Waive Wellwood & Raycroft, + Rumours

The Maple Leafs have placed goaltender Andrew Raycroft and forward Kyle Wellwood on waivers.

The move to place Raycroft on waivers was predictable, as his welcome in Toronto was clearly worn out. Plus, Toskala looks great in goal for the Leafs, making Raycroft a waste of money on the bench.

The Wellwood move is a little curious to me. Personally, I am one of those people who loves watching Wellwood play; his playmaking ability and stickhandling talents are marvelous. Wellwood did have an injury-plagued season, and as a result was only able to tally 21 points in 59 games, playing much of it on the 2nd or 4th lines. There is no doubt in my mind that Wellwood will be plucked off the waiver wire, and having already expressed interest in him, expect the Canucks to try and nab him. They don't plan to have Brendan Morrison back next season, so a spot is immediately available for Wellwood. Weird to me how no team would have offered any sort of last-round future draft pick for Wellwood...something strange going on.


According to some rumour sites...:

SEAN AVERY may be interested in the Islanders and the CANADIENS.

BRIAN CAMPBELL's INTERSTS: Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Atlanta, NY, Philadelphia, and Washington.

MARIAN GABORIK is being offered around, and the Sabres may have the best package in place to trade for the Slovakian...

Sundin is rumoured to be headed to UFA July 1, and is interested in playing for all of the following: Toronto, Montreal, and NY Rangers. The Rangers have apparently denied interest, and rumours say that NY would indeed have been Mats' first choice.

Gary Roberts is done in Pittsburgh, as they have no plans on resigning him.

Lightning G Marc Denis is also on waivers.


rob said...

Avery! Avery! Avery!

from a Hab's fan.

sasabainga said...

Agreed...love the guy and his antics, but if I'm not mistaken, isn't Avery the kind of Don Cherry type, "not fond" of french-canadians? Not sure the relationship would be positive, but I'd definitely love to have him here!