Friday, June 13, 2008

Ovechkin Has Hart - Amongst Other Things

Alexander Ovechkin standing alongside the four awards he collected throughout the season. From left: Rocket Richard (most goals, reg. season), Lester B. Pearson (MVP voted by NHLPA), Hart (MVP of league voted by execs. and professional writers), and the Art Ross (most points, reg. season)

The NHL awards ceremony took place last night, and my predictions were pretty accurate (of course!)

Here are the results:

PEARSON: Predicted: Ovechkin - Winner: Ovechkin
MASTERTON: Predicted: Pisani - Winner: Blake
JACK ADAMS: Predicted: Babcock - Winner: Bourdreau
SELKE: Predicted: Datsyuk - Winner: Datsyuk
LADY BYNG: Predicted: Datsyuk - Winner: Datsyuk
CALDER: Predicted: Kane - Winner: Kane
NORRIS: Predicted: Lidstrom - Winner: Lidstrom
VEZINA: Predicted: Nabokov - Winner: Brodeur
HART: Predicted: Ovechkin - Winner: Ovechkin

As you can see, I only got 3 wrong... not too bad I think. I was REALLY surprised by Brodeur's win over Nabokov...I thought Nabokov did enough to get the nod, but I guess I was in the minority on that one. Still shocked, though. Also, Boudreau, albeit very deserving, shocked me as well. I thought Babcock OR Carbo did enough to merit it, with Babs winning the cup and Carbo finishing first in the East when the consensus prediction amongst analysts was pretty much 12th to 14th. Anyway, congratulations to the winners!

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