Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Response to Mr. Strobel's Article


Ok so I didn't have any question for you at all, I just hoped you would read my email instead of deleting it so quickly, as you probably have all the rest of the replies to your piece in the Sun about Habs fans.

The "kind of fans" who give nicknames to their legends and heroes are the kind of fans with actual PASSION for their team...a nickname is direct and personal, as opposed to the lame and completely non-CREATIVE style of adding "er or "y" to a name...Caber, Steener and Matt-y are pretty f'n lame if you ask me, which I know you don't, but too bad...why don't you ask them if they'd rather be remembered by a real nickname or by a suffix, you might be shocked to hear the answer.

"Habs fans are arrogant, and often cruel. They tell Leafs jokes, such as:
What do Habs fans have that Leafs fans don't?
Colour photos of the Stanley Cup. "

Every joke has some truth to it right? Isn't that the old addage? In this case, that joke is fully true.

"It is true Montreal has won 10 Cups since the Leafs' last in 1967.
But this is pure luck, not divine right."

PURE LUCK! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, 10 cups since your last're right Mike, that must be completely luck, and must have nothing to do with the fact that we iced better squads than your Buds did. It must be luck, jeez I can't believe how lucky we REALLY are.

"Even when they lose, they're lucky. The Habs missed the playoffs last year, a glorious chance for Leafs fans to gloat. But we missed, too, damn the luck."

Sure Mike, let's just go right ahead and accredit EVERYTHING to luck while we're at it...or, let's be rational, and admit that both of our teams dropped the ball and were surpassed by 8 other playoff-worthy teams who worked to the bone to make it in, like the New York Islanders...why don't you hate them too then, Mike, they knocked your guys out? Oh, that's right, you're too much into a blind-rage for Habs fans that all the hate you can possibly muster is directed at us, none left for the Islanders, or for your own team who could have picked up and extra win or even point here and there throughout the season to qualify for the playoffs.

"Zdeno Chara, just because he's tall. Darcy Tucker, because he's from Toronto. The American anthem. The other team's stickboy."

PASSION again, Mike-y (or Mike-r, which ever super cool nickname you prefer). We like disturbing the other teams stars and goalies, anything to help the boys win, but that's hardly being arrogant. We may have crossed the line by booing the American anthem, of that I'll agree, but we don't do that anymore...maybe you haven't watched some of our games in a while so you don't know.

"Not only are they rude, they're everywhere. I have seen Canadiens sweaters from Stonehenge to the Amazon."

Take a hint big guy, you're cheering for the wrong team. This team is WINNING. Look it up in the dictionnary.

"Leafs fans never smirk. In fact, we don't smile much at all."

That's not because you're humble, as you also implied us Habs fan of not being... no no, it's because your team stinks and has been stinking for quite a few years (I believe it's since 1967), leaving its fans no real opportunities to smile.

Enjoy reporting on the golfing...and say hello to Caber, Steener and the rest-er of the crew-y.

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