Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"The Price Statue" & "The Habs Horse"

These photos were brought o my attention by Karl and the man known as Igor Larionov himself in our comment sections, Paolo.

Contemporary artist Ju Ming's sculpture entitled Taichi Single Whip located near metro-station Square Victoria, has been decortated to resemble a patented Carey Price pad save. Enjoy.

Here's a personal fav I found in the Journal de Montreal...hahahaha:

The horse looks SO SAD and humiliated it's really too funny...It was probably just moments away from horse-kicking its owner straight in the teeth, or at least ripping some bad gas in retribution...awesome stuff! It's actually wearing pants and holding a stick hahaha... no horsing around in round 2!


jerrytuts said...

little "vandalisms" like the horse and the carey price statue can be seen as funny. No real harm is done, and they are the types of things that bring smiles to peoples faces. I had a good laugh when i saw those pics.

contrary to those idiots that bombed cop cars and robbed stores in downtown montreal.

- do u agree or disagree sasa?

sasabainga said...

agreed, but decorating the horse isn't really vandalism lol, it's just degrading to the horse and hilarious. Teh statue is awesome and is EXACTLY what the city needs more of; connecting our beautiful, historically-rich city with our #1 team...

k_cardi said...

i agree as well...i dont think there was any intent to vandalize in the 'Price Statue'...sal coined that term...just something to make people have a chuckle and be proud of...i definitely like the idea of mixing culture and the habs...a lot like the fire stations that were painted painted bleu,blanc, rouge and had to wash it off...i passed by that station just the other day and some colour remained...i thought it was a great idea...i havent passed by the statue...but my money is on them keeping it on for the remainder of the habs playoff run...HOPEFULLY that statue will still be standing next time habs fan celebrate

x-ine said...

It sounds like the cops are going to be very well prepared for the next round so that none of that bull-shit from Monday night happens again. Well, hopefully.

I enjoyed those pics; the statue is tasteful and the horse ... well, he's not thrilled, but he's definitely got some team spirit.