Friday, April 4, 2008

Updated Standings Through April 4th

The Bruins defeated Ottawa 2-1 and the Panthers stunned the Hurricanes 4-3, allowing both Boston and Ottawa to clinch a berth in the playoffs.

The only position left to be clinched is the SouthEast champion at #3 seed. With their loss, Carolina will play the waiting & watching game as their fate lies in Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals' hands.

The Caps host Florida in their most important game of the year tomorrow night; a win (or an OT loss) will surely guarantee Alex Ovechkin and his 65 goals the honor of receiving the Hart Trophy as the league's MVP.

All the Caps need to do is take the game into overtime. Should they lose in regulation, Carolina would advance in 3rd, having more wins.

As it currently stand for Montreal, they would face the Senators (minus Alfredsson and Fisher) in the opening round.

Depending on the results of Boston and Philadelphia's remaining games, we could also face any of those teams as well, but it will be limited to those 3, as the Rangers can fall no lower than 6th.


kev said...

feeling a caps loss but hopefully they make it, playoffs would be more exciting with washington in rather than carolina

sasabainga said...

yup, im seriously feeling a caps blowout win, 6 or 7 goals.

jerrytuts said...

For Washington to have battled all this way to squander their chances to Florida would be a big disapointment. Ovechkin has been money in the bank since his first game for the Capitals.
I say he brings it tonight against Florida.