Thursday, May 8, 2008

Canadiens Miss Out On Fabian Brunnstrom

Fabian Brunnstrom has decided who he intends to sign with to make his NHL debut next season, and despite Bob Gainey's strong pursual (amongst a few others), it won't be with the Montreal Canadiens.

Brunnstrom has chosen the Dallas Stars as his inaugural NHL team, and it seems that a contract will be made to him sometime today. The deal will reportedly be a two-year entry level contract, and will likely follow along the lines of a top 5 NHL draftee, which could translate into a cap hit of over 2 million dollars per season.

Brunnstrom, 23, visited Dallas before visiting Detroit and Montreal, other possible destinations on his personal shortlist. Brunnstrom chose Dallas based on his belief that a combination of both roster depth and opportunity will exist when he arrives on the scene for training camp.

Anaheim, Toronto and Calgary were also believed to be heavily interested in Brunnstrom, who, like Evgeni Malkin a few years ago, has been dubbed by many as "the best player outside of the NHL right now".

"In the end there was no wrong decision. All of the organizations involved were extremely professional and respectful in their approach and the opportunity was carefully explained. The Dallas option was simply the best one overall for Fabian and he is very comfortable with his decision," said Brunnstrom's agent J.P. Barry.

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