Friday, May 9, 2008

What's In Store For Habs Hockey-Talkey?

With the Canadiens out of the playoff race a little earlier than we expected (or at least hoped), some of you loyal readers may be wondering what will go on with this site...

I will clear that up to the best of my abilities right now.

Expect in the future (no real dates for any of these, they will be posted when the time is right):

-Stanley Cup Finals recap;
-Awards preview and predictions;
-2008 "Stamkos Sweepstakes" Draft coverage;
-One-by-one look at the Habs draftees of the 2008 draft;
-One-by-one in-depth update of the Habs top 20 prospects;
-July 1st: Free Agent Frenzy;
-2008-2009 Canadiens training camp overview;
-Other news as it develops around the league.

ALL OF THAT IN STORE, so remember to keep visiting the site daily! Add it to your favorites list and check it once a day, if nothing's new, navigate away! It's that easy!


Pat said...

You should make a list of all RFA and UFA's available in 2008 and even in 2009 and we can have a dream team challenge.

sasabainga said...

I'll definitely look into that!