Friday, May 2, 2008

HHT Gets A Facelift! What Do You Think?

Thanks to the loyal reader that you are (yes, you!), Habs Hockey-Talkey has moved away from its brash, raw look to a more mature, refined and sleek layout.

All features remain the same; all that changes is the appearance!

The site has grown to know such great success over such little time, and it's all thanks to you (yes, YOU!!!!)

Please continue to check Habs Hockey-Talkey regularly for updates, and thanks for your continuous support!!!!

Please drop me a line in the comments section to let me know if you prefer or dislike the change!


x-ine said...

I like it! Good colour choices :)

Josie said...

Sal, I'm here for the articles... no matter the layout.

in any case, nice to see that spring has brightened the page!

sasabainga said...

Thanks girls! I'm getting great feedback on the site since the change (people are still reluctant to post in the comments section for some reason, but I'm getting compliments on MSN)

In case someone reads this before commenting: You DON'T have to signup to a BLOGGER account to comment! If that's what's causing you to not comment here, here's the solution!

TYPE your comment;
under this typing box, CLICK NAME/URL;
Type in your name!

That's it!!

jcrivello said...

Sal man the colors give off a vibe of.... Oh there is no word to describe it so I am forced to make one up, scrumtallicious ... No but seriously nice one

Pat said...

The site looks great. The white background makes a big difference. Keep up the good work