Monday, February 4, 2008

Avery's Mouth Never Runs On Empty

Sean Avery is at it again.

After taking a "late" hit in the second period, Sean Avery decided to not retaliate against the aggressor, Mike Komisarek. Komisarek was assessed a 2 minute roughing minor for the check, which may explain Avery's initiative to lash out after the game rather than on the spot.

I say "late" because Komisarek checked Avery into the boards about half a second after the clock ran out to expire the 2nd period.

Late or not, the hit is making news this morning once again on the heels of Sean Avery's latest comment.

"That's what (Komisarek) does," Avery said. "He's big, so he doesn't skate well. He's got to play physical, or he won't play in this league."

Is he watching the same Komisarek as us??? Mike has been an absolute monster this year, laying out top-tier forwards left and right, clearing the net to clear a view for Huet, and blocking shots at a league-leading rate. Many have argued that if there was a trophy for top stay-at-home defensemen of the year, Mike would be a definitive candidate for reception.

But hey, there is no reason for me or for anyone, Habs fan or not, to even argue this (absurd) claim since it is coming from an absurd source. In fact, commenting on it and getting the blood boiling is exactly what Sean wants from fans around the league, so the best way to deal with it is to ignore it - which should be easy, because most of what he says makes little to no sense anyway.

Sean Avery is just being Sean Avery; the same guy who was voted 66% as the most hated super-pest in the NHL by his fellow NHL'ers. He is simply running his mouth in an attempt to get back into the media, as usual...after all, being in the papers is just like being home for him.

The comment should go a long way in setting up the next encounter between these Original 6 rivals. That rendez-vous is set to take place two weeks from tomorrow (February 19th) right here at the Bell Centre. Scalpers should have little trouble making some cash on that day.

P.S. It may be worth noting: Mike Komisarek is rumoured to be in a fling with Montreal actress Elisha Cuthbert (The Girl Next Door, 24), former girlfriend of Sean Avery.


k_cardi said...

i think Avery is the only exception to the common American proverb..."there is no such thing as bad press"...the more this guy talks the more stupid he sounds...and this will make him probably eat the boards next time him and Komo will be on the same ice surface...i quote Jim Hughson from CBC when he said that Komo and Markov "are as good a tandem that you'll see in the NHL today"...and as a side note...Elisha Cutberth, what a piece of ass

sasabainga said...

In order of importance:

A) Cuthbert: definitely a broad.

B) Avery: Is definitely digging his own grave alright.

C) Markov/Komisarek are arguably a top 3 def pairing in the NHL today, joining the likes of Lidstrom/Rafalski and Niedermayer/Pronger. Obviously not quite there with regards to star status, but they're making major strides.