Thursday, February 21, 2008

RDS: "Equipment Was For Marcel, Not Marian"

Oh boy, here we go with the see-saw effect again, as everytime we get high on Hossa, the see-saw comes down in a hurry.

Just last night, the rumour of the Canadiens ordering equipment for Hossa (Marian) was released in La Presse, but has been recently shot down by is reporting that they've learned that the gloves ordered, made by WARRIOR, were indeed ordered for a Hossa, just not the one we hoped for. They were ordered for brother Marcel, of the New York Rangers, as the Rangers recently visited the Habs for a (memorable) game Tuesday night. Marcel is currently playing for the Hartford Wolfpack in the AHL, but Warrior decided to send the gloves to his NHL team (NYR) who would be in Montreal on Tuesday, to avoid complications of sending it to Hartford, for whatever reasons that might be.

Instead of avoiding complications, this sparked rumours in a city that will feed on the smallest speck of dirt to create a massive dirt mound. The rumour was given loads of credit for the fact that gloves were of the same colour as Montreal's uniform - in fact, they were to match New York's colours, which are identical, but based more heavily on blue rather than red.

On top of everything, the big rumours today suggest that Boston is the frontrunner for Hossa's services, and they are rumoured to be 100% willing to move former top 5 draft pick Phil Kessel in a package deal. The Bruins have been reportedly quitely shopping the 5th overall selection for some time now, and would LOVE nothing less than to move him to acquire the natural goal-scorer they lack just as badly as Montreal. Also, the Oilers are rumoured to have expressed interest.

Things are getting interesting for Hossa.

Also, to wrap this up on the rumour subject, expect Sergei Fedorov to become a Senator, possibly as early as today.


Karl said...

PJ Stock called WARRIOR today and they confirmed having made gloves for Hossa in Montreal colours, but they also stated that they made gloves for the other teams that are in the Hossa-race

sasabainga said...

Oh, really? Because I had heard that they contacted Warrior last night, who confirmed the equipment was made for Marcel..