Friday, February 8, 2008

Hossa To Montreal IMMINENT???

Reports are swirling over the internet, and a trusted site is confirming that Montreal is on the verge of landing Marian Hossa, and they may land him as early as Saturday afternoon.

Here's the catch: The site also suggests that the Habs return may involve assistant captain Chris Higgins and a high draft pick, as high as a 1st rounder. The site has also hinted that Higgins may be a part of the deal only if the Habs can work out an extension (long-term) for Marian Hossa.

Would you do this deal, involving Chris Higgins? Let me know in the COMMENTS section below!

Stay tuned, as a major change for the Montreal Canadiens may be hours away...


Anonymous said...

no i would not let higgins go i would rather put a package of players and picks like ryder and and a d man prospect like fischer or valentenko and a frist round draft pick the reason because we already have a great core defense and have great prospect on the blue line we can afford to lose one. It`s also a very good trade for atlanta cause they need a good d man if they are looking to rebuild and ryder is a 2 time 30 goal scorer he just does not fit in with montreals system, put him on line with kovalchuk and kozlov and he gonna score 35-40 easy.

bilo said...

HOSSA to Montreal??? I say yes, under certain conditions... do not.. I repeat do not trade Higgins.. the problems on the Higgins Koivu Ryder line is Koivu and Ryder... I appreciate everything Koivu has contributed to the Habs but I do believe it is time for him to move on... I don't even notice when he's on the ice which kills me because it is supposed to be out "first line"... I think trading Koivu for Hossa for example might refresh that line and give us something to work with... both ways... our winning line will not be changed... so I dont think it will mess up any chemistry because Hossa will probably fall on the first line which is not working already... another roumur I heard about is Tanguay... apparently Calgary is not happy of his contributions and dont feel he is worth 5.5 million... that might be another option but do we really need a Hossa or Tanguay??? I don't think so, we need a big center on that line.. who to get... I have nooooo idea... buy a move needs to be done

jerrytuts said...

I read on the RDS website today that it was Tony Maranaro from The Team 990 that reported Hossa`s possibility in coming to Montreal.

RDS also stated that this rumour was false and Hossa will be staying in Atlanta and will be available July 1st/ 2008

Sorry to rain on this parade because I was also excited about this and i am hoping that somehow the trade still does happen............somehow?

sasabainga said...

It seems that the rumour has been shot down today, as the main source checked with another of his sources who reported something completely opposite (check today's new article).

Thanks Jerry for that heads up. I checked up on that article, too, and it just may be possible that the source I was refering to was in fact Tony Marinaro, but I'll never know. However, they didn't say he's staying until July 1st, they just said he isn't going anywhere for now. They want to see how they do from now until the 26th in the standings, and decide from there to keep him for the drive or deal him for the future.

As for the Tanguay reports: we must not forget that he has a No Trade Clause and can bascically choose where to be traded, IF he wants to be traded. That being said, anything is possible with him, and rumours have been circulating around Tanguay for a couple of months now.