Monday, February 11, 2008

O'Byrne, Kostopolous Arrested In Tampa

Ryan O'Byrne and Tom Kostpolous were taken in to Tampa County jail last night after an incident occured during the Canadiens' rookie supper.

The rookie supper (for those who don't know) is an annual event in which rookies take the veterans out for supper and cover the tab. The veterans are known to always order the MOST EXPENSIVE dishes and wines all night long, and P.J. Stock stated on the TEAM 990 today that during his rookie supper, his tab ran to $20, 000.

The story surrounding O'Byrne and Kostopolous...

Ryan O'Byrne was arrested and charged with grand theft, as he allegedly stole a woman's purse and was found tampering with her cell phone outside the club.

Tom Kostopolous was charged with resisting an officer. He reportedly tried to control the situation by showing the officers his NHLPA players card to indicate his status as an NHLer and explain the situation as it was, but the officers were insistent on arresting O'Byrne, so they decided to haul Kostopolous in, too.

Bails were set at $2,000 for O'Byrne and $500 for Kostopolous, both of which have been paid.


- Ok, the guys were HAMMERED. This is sure to have happened because the guys were past drunk...WAY past. O'Byrne was probably acting like a clown around that woman, and as she got fed up, he probably took her purse to take her phone and prank her in some way (maybe change the language to chinese or something). This situation is hilarious to me, but I'm hoping they can leave it behind them for Tuesday night's game. And, hopefully, they can take the incident as a plus and learn to stand up for each other and band together better on the ice. Kostopolous demonstrated again his excellent role as a team player, being the first one to stand up for his teammate and suffering the consequences for it.


Pat said...

I guess the rookie supper cost him too much that he needed to rob a purse to pay for it. Haha.

sasabainga said...

Hahahaha this story is going to be associated with the name Ryan O'Byrne forever.