Monday, February 18, 2008

Forsberg NOT Returning

Peter Forsberg cites a lack of confidence in his wonky foot as the reason for his decision to not return to the NHL this season, said agent Don Baizley.


Karl said...

this i think ensures any rumour we've heard of Havlat coming to mtl wont happen...there is talk of Havlat coming to mtl but i think that it had a lot to do with Forsberg possibly signing with the Hawks...its unfortunate that the NHL won't see Forsberg this season and i believe that Chicago will keep Havlat

sasabainga said...

Yeah that makes sense.

I had heard that Chicago had offered Forberg a 3 yr 11.5 mil deal, but he likely wouldnt have signed there anyway.

I am not sure what would happen to Montreal if they were to acquire both Hossa and Havlat (as rumours do suggest). The chemistry is great right now, and I think adding two stars could either be GREAT or DEVASTATING...Although I reallllly wouldn't mind seeing two guys of such a high skill-set like those in an MTL uniform. Kind of a paradox, really.

Karl said...

honestly sal...i completely agree with yer idea of team chemistry...i think only one of those guys will do just fine, adding two might be dangerous and we risk losing a lot more than say just Ryder...i honestly feel he's the only "top 6" forward that should be moved...we cant get rid of the captain in the middle of the season and letting go of Higgins would be a ideal trade for Hossa would be Ryder,a 3rd or 4th liner (Dandenault or Begin), and either a Draft choice or a prospect that doesn't seem to fit into our plans very well (Grabovski, Locke, D'agostini)...we know that Gainey won't touch Hossa if he doesnt sign to an extended contract

Karl said...

OLIVER LATENDRESSE SIGNS WITH HABS....woooooo....does this mean Gainey just wants to cover his ass for the other Latendresse thats gonna get traded at the end of March?...just remember i called it