Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hossa To MTL Rumours Being Shot Down

Despite the high credibility of the source, it seems that the source of the rumour was mistaken.

Another source tracked the progress of this potential deal and reported that there is not a possibility of this deal at this time. In fact, this new source stated that there have been ZERO conversations bewteen Waddell and Gainey over dealing Marian Hossa. This rumour went from peak to peak (high to low) in a matter of hours.

Gainey is making additions to the Hamilton Bulldogs roster, signing UFA NCAA college forawrd Brok Trotter and making a minor deal with Detroit's farm club. This is sure to be ragrded by many as a sign of a potential "big picture deal" that Gainey might be working on, involving some farm-team prospects.

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