Friday, February 15, 2008

Habs To Make Deal Tonight?

UPDATED @ 10:45 pm.

Rumours suggested that MONTREAL might have been announcing a deal tonight, but nothing has materialized since, leading me to believe that the rumour was a false alarm (which is usually the case in the wild & wacky world of NHL trade rumours).

The Marian Hossa to Nashville rumours do have some actual merit, but that deal is likely to happen (if it does at all) later in the week.

PLEASE don't think that I'm delivering false hope here...I'm only reporting what I find for you, in an attempt to keep you entertained! And who knows, maybe they will strike a deal before matter how unlikely that is. I will not be adding anything from now until 3 am as I am off to work, so check back tomorrow for more updates!

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