Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Habs Will Be Most Represented Team On CBC

You're not dreaming.

The Montreal Canadiens will be the most heavily represented Canadian team on the CBC this season...that's right, MORE SO THAN THE MAPLE LEAFS.

In conjunction with the Habs centennial celebrations, CBC has taken to heart the many demands of fans to have more Habs games televised on their network. Good plan.

Some websites report that there will be 25 games televised on their network; however, I count 26.

25, 26 ... tomato, tomahto.


David said...

Where are your Penguin reports?

We all know who REALLY is the king of the EAST.

sasabainga said...

Yes, we do...you're right.

Go Islanders Go!!!

sasabainga said...

Actually, in case anyone thinks I'm actually an Isles fan, I'm not: I think they're the joke of the East, along with Toronto.

P.S. Which David are you...lol, I know a few and you clearly know me, so who am I having the privilege of talking to?