Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sundin Met With Leafs; Will Meet With Habs

Mats Sundin met with Leafs' brass Cliff Fletcher and Joe Nieuwendyk, and he will now reportedly meet with Bob Gainey and co. either today or Sunday before heading back to Sweden.

Sundin said he is no closer to a decision at this point. The Leafs explained to Mats their intentions and expectations for the upcoming season, and assured him that a spot will always be available for him.

Gainey is expected to make a significant appeal to Mats to come on board. With training camp looming, Montreal would obviously prefer to have Mats signed sooner rather than later, to avoid any sort of complications with regards to available roster spots.

Various reports continue to lead towards different outcomes. Many state Mats will retire; others believe he will become a New York Ranger; some imply that Vancouver's offer is very appealing to Mats; and some others believe that Mats will end up in bleu, blanc et rouge.

I believe Mats will be a Hab should he choose not to retire...and I don't believe he'll retire.

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