Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Much To Anticipate During Habs Centennial Season

The Montreal Canadiens recently held a press conference to unveil its plans for the upcoming Centennial season...and there are many.

What was unveiled:

  • A brand new, mega-HD scoreboard, 5x bigger than the last one and the biggest in NHL history.

  • There will be a match to be disclosed later which will be an hommage to the old Montreal Forum.

  • Plans to build a brand new skating rink at Parc Francois-Perreault in St. Michel; said to be the biggest and most modern in Montreal.

  • The Habs will have their very own Hall of Fame, located inside the Bell Centre.

  • Box-set DVD's will be released to honour the Habs history, and, other DVD's showcasing the Habs top 10 games in their history, including last year's 6-5 come-from-behind record-setting miracle vs. the NY Rangers.

  • As we already knew: The Habs will have an all-time team in NHL 09 (already released).

  • A book on the history of the Habs will be published.

  • A Monopoly-Motnreal Canadiens edition will be released in October.

  • Six different coins will be in circulation, released by the Royal Canadian Mint. 10 million dollar-coins with a Canadiens logo will be in circulation as well.

  • A special postage stamp will be released by Canada Post.

  • We also already knew about the Ring of Honor to be unveiled, as well as the Centennial Plaza.

  • On December 4th, 2009 (the Habs 100th birthday) a fictional movie on the Habs will hit the big screen.

  • A BUILDER'S night: Ceremony before a game to honor the Habs' key builders, such as legendary coach Scotty Bowman.

  • A website will be launched dedicated to the Habs' history.

  • Montreal will host games to honor long time original-six rivals: the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers.

  • Other things we already knew of: Patrick Roy's jersey retirement on November 22nd, the NHL All-Star game January 25th and the Entry Draft in June, all at the Bell Centre.

  • The Habs will also wear some new retro jerseys, put on display by some of the veteran current Habs at the press conference. Also unveiled were the retro-look All-Star game jerseys.

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