Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No Secret, No Surprise About McCabe To Florida

Bryan McCabe will be dealt to the Florida Panthers, of that we all knew.

What we know now is that this trade is expected to be made official around 11am this morning.

The Leafs are expected to deal McCabe and a draft pick to the Florida Panthers in exchange for 29-year old defenseman Mike Van Ryn.

McCabe, 33, was really nothing more than a scapegoat for Leafs fans last season. His role was one that was all-too-familiar with Habs fans of a few years ago, when an overpaid Patrice Brisebois was being booed by his own fans nearly every time he touched the puck.

He finished with 23 points in 54 games last season, a far downgrade from the 57 points the year before, and even further from the 68 points he tallied after the lockout year in 2005-2006.

McCabe is set to make $5.75 million until the 2010-2011 season.

Van Ryn, 29, missed the last 60 games of the last season to undergo wrist surgery. The Panthers did not make the playoffs, so it has been a VERY LONG summer for Van Ryn.

He had his best seasons in 2003-2004 and 2005-2006, tallying 37 points each season.

Van Ryn's cap hit is $2.9 million until 2009-2010.


jerrytuts said...

i just wanted to say that if montreal does not acquire sundin, i am feeling the possible acquisition of Jeff Carter. This is because Philly is hovering above the cap (more so than any other team in the NHL). Also montreal has had a record in making big trades with Philly by sending the likes of Desjardin, Recchi, Leclair, Weinrich, and others which i have forgotten. Just thought id share this "feeling" with you.
What do you think sasa?

sasabainga said...

I think it's very possible Jer, and maybe a Forsberg return to the Flyers could help make this happen. However, latest rumors have Horcoff coming to Montreal...but, of course, rumors are rumors...I'd love to have Carter as a Hab, a little more than Horcoff, but Horcoff brings a lot to the table as well.