Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My First On-Air Experience...

I have to say, I 'work' with three of the nicest people on the planet at the Team 990: Andie Bennett is way more than just good looking (I know you're reading this Andie, I told you the compliments will come!); She was patient with me on my first day and extremely nice to me ever since. Rod Francis could be mistaken for an octopus; I say this in the MOST RESPECTFUL way of course, as, for thos who may not know, Rod is the MAN at master control, running all sorts of different tasks simultaneously, practically with his eyes shut. That's what legends are made of! And, of course, the bottomless pit of music, sport, political and general knowledge, Mitch himself; I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity by Mitch to be in such a great environment, and I will be forever grateful.

I use the term 'work' above because I am in love with what I'm doing. To those of you who are confused out there about what to do in life, I sincerely suggest taking as long as it takes for you to discover your true passion, and then follow it. That's what I did, and with just 3 days of internship 'work' in the bank, I couldn't be happier. There is no better feeling on Earth than wanting to go to bed at night because you're too excited about the next day of 'work'...ok, well, maybe a COUPLE of feelings.

I am privileged to have two incredible jobs (interning at the TEAM and DJ'ing on weekends), plus this website as another outlet for one of my passions.
Now, to my first on-air experience.

I was hinted at the possibility of being on the air today by Mitch yesterday, and, true to his word, on the air I was. At 6:53 p.m., I got the signal; like being waved home from third base, or being tripped up on a breakaway and awarded a penalty shot, I knew it was go-time!

Mitch was great; he didn't try to stump me, or make me sound foolish, or point out my nerves: Instead, he simply spoke to me. He introduced me, and then immediately complimented me, saying "I was good", and Rod added that "I picked things up really quickly". I was then asked where I lived; I answered Vimont, then said "well, Auteuil actually, but no one knows where that is, it's JUST north of Vimont". Mitch then asked "so what's north of Auteuil?" and I answered " I don't know, I'm not even sure if that region has electricity or gravity yet". Everyone laughed (Andie the loudest).

Then, Mitch helped me out by plugging the website here. Really, Mitch and the gang have just been great. Not enough can be said of how welcome I feel at work...Now, if you don't mind, I'm heading to bed, because I can't wait for tomorrow...

P.s. PJ Stock is awesome too, and Noel Butler has the best accent in the world.......I think I know a GENUINE, ENGLISH SOCCER HOOLIGAN! YESSS!


jerrytuts said...

Congratulations Sal,

I already listen to the team 990 everyday whenever im in my car, its even more of a treat to know that a friend made the team line-up. Keep up the good work.

Jerry Tutino

Cleopatra said...


sasabainga said...

Thanks Jer, good words from a good man. I'll definitely try to keep doing what I'm doing; Mitch and the gang seem to like me!

Cleopatra: LAAVVEE YOUUU too.