Thursday, September 11, 2008

Radulov Wants Back; Staal Breaks The Bank

NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly stated on Bill Watters' radio show on 640 AM in Toronto that Alexander Radulov wants to return to the NHL after just a few games in the KHL. He was also named rookie of the week.

Kelly: "My information is that the player very much wants to return and play in the NHL. I have that on extremely good authority. He's tried the KHL. He's seen what it has to offer for a few games already. He was quite successful last year for the Nashville Predators. I think, long-term, Alexander wants to play in the NHL. I believe there is an outcome which is doable, which will involve some type of an agreement between the NHL, the KHL, the player himself and the Predators."

Will the Preds' staff and fans even want him back? This just got a WHOLE LOT MORE interesting...
Eric Staal just got a whole lot richer.

Staal, the eldest of four Staal brother's either in or nearly in the NHL, was extended today to a 7-year, $57.75 contract extension which averages out to $8.25 million per season. The extension kicks in after this upcoming season, where Staal will make $5 million.

Eric is the only Staal to have a Stanley Cup ring, earning it in 2005-06. Brother Jordan came close last year, losing in the finals as the Penguins were downed by the Red Wings.


Anonymous said...

I have been one of the Pred Nation that was a real hardliner on the issue of Rads' return. Miraculously, when I heard that he was interested in returning and may be willing to come with his hat in hand asking for forgiveness, all of the ill will was gone. The Preds will be a much better team with him than without him. If he does and says the right things and comes back and plays with the enthusiasm and spirit he has shown in the past, then he will be fine playing in Nashville. Camp opens on the 19th so all the powers that be need to get on the stick and put this whole episode behind them and get ready for another year of Predators hockey.

sasabainga said...

Well said, I wish you'd have left a name because you deserve proper credit for that statement. I am of the same mindset as you are on this. I had a loss of respect for Raddy as all of this materialized, but if he can prove that he's committed to the NHL and the Preds, than both the Preds and the NHL as a whole stand to benefit, administration and fans alike. Raddy's got some highlight reel goals, and he's still VERY young and with a lot of development and improvement ahead. I hope the Preds and Raddy can work out a solution sooner rather than later.