Thursday, July 17, 2008


I've GRADUATED from the Montreal Radio & Television School! That school is a great place to be if you want to learn anything and everything there is to know about becoming a radio/TV personality! The environment is great, and, no B.S about what I'm about to say: You ACTUALLY LOOK FORWARD to going to class! I know, WEIRD eh? Classes are just twice a week, for a couple of hours each day!

Off-class studio time is available for practice every other day of the week, Monday through Friday. The Montreal Radio and TV School is able to do this because it only registers 5 students per radio class, each with his/her own studio, so you get that vital hands-on training! It's unique in broadcast academia.

If you do end up applying, let Mr. Robert Vairo, former TV personality and teacher at that school, know that I referred you!

Now to kick off my career in radio! Woooooooo!