Tuesday, July 29, 2008

O'Byrne Officially Pardonned In Grand Theft Case

Ryan O'Byrne's purse-snatching nightmare in Tampa Bay has finally been put to rest.

After completing a 5-month best-behavior probation, O'Byrne appeared in court today and formally apologized to the victim once again, reading a prepared letter of apology.

"He showed us proof that he's continuing to do community service work in Canada and that he has stayed out of trouble for the last five months, so we dropped the charges."

The purse-grabbing incident occured on Feb. 11th at a Tamp nightclub, Whiskey Park. The Habs were out on their rookie dinner that same evening.

Teammate Tom Kostopoulos was also arrested that evening on resisting arrest charges. Charges against Kostopoulos were dropped a few weeks after the incident.

O'Byrne will always have a record of his arrest but won't have any conviction in the United States, which could have caused problems for his hockey career. He remains on the hook for community service in Canada.

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