Saturday, July 12, 2008

Williams Signs In Ottawa; Vermette Wants Out?

The Sens have signed UFA forward Jason Williams to a 3-year, $1.9 per season deal, reports Kevin Lee of

The deal has also, accroding to Lee, prompted Antoine Vermette to ask for a trade. Vermette is seeking a long-term extension, and it is believed that GM Bryan Murray isn't offering it. Lee goes on to suggest that the Sens may be trying to move Vermette, along with on-the-block forward Chris Neil and maybe a draft pick to Florida to acquire RFA Jay Bouwmeester.

The Sens are also generating interest for Neil from Chicago, and it is also rumoured that Cam Barker is the requested return if any deal is to go down.

The Sens are making noise.

The Williams signing is a great one for Ottawa, Montreal could have used this guy at the point on the PP. Oh well, bring on Sundin PLEASE.

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Anonymous said...

Williams is close to signing with Atlanta not Ottawa 2.3 million for one year