Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sundin's Agent: "He Meant August, Not August 1st"

The Sundin saga takes another downward spiral.

J.P. Barry, Mats Sundin's agent, told the Fan 1040 AM in Vancouver that his client will be making a decision in August - likely not on August 1st, as many of us were led to believe through various reports.

''He's still taking his time, and he hasn't given us an indication or not if he's going to keep playing or not. You know, when he was speaking in Sweden about August, unfortunately a lot of people picked up 1st of August. He meant August. He meant sometime in August he would definitely decide because he'll definitely be in training camp.''

Barry also stated that 6 teams are interested in Sundin as of today, but would not divulge their identities. Apart from what we know, 4 of those teams are Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and NYR. He said those new teams in the mix are willing to offer Mats a short-term deal, 1 or 2 years maximum, and advised him that they would need time to make cap space available to accomodate Mats' services.

Barry only told the fan 1040 that Detroit, the NHL's Sweden, was not one of the teams expressing interest.

It looks like we're in for a fun waiting game this August, as we have been all of July. At least Mats is helping to pass the time until October!


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